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OpenVZ comes under the low cost VPS server segment; it is not a complete virtualization. OpenVZ offers low overhead, efficient resource utilization and memory savings.

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The VMware claims to be the first commercially successful virtualization software to virtualize x86 architecture. The VMware is known for its hypervisors. The VMware’s technology is very good.

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KVM is the one virtualization that offers hardware virtualization in its best and truest form. KVM hardware virtualization allows equal distribution of available resources and flexibility.

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The difference is on the type of hardware that is used. Instead of having storage located on the host server all data is stored on much larger SAN/NAS array with multiple disks.

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The virtualization software technology is a technology that allows multiple applications and operating systems on one server simultaneously. This allows the server to multi task. It is the technology that has revolutionized the IT industry and changed the industry by transforming its landscape and given the people a new way to utilize the technology. This virtualization technology has many benefits as it increases IT agility, scalability and flexibility thereby increases cost effectiveness. This makes work distribution and work load easier and faster. This makes the system run very efficiently and increases performance and availability as well as ease and automation of operations. In short this software technology has simplified and made IT life cost effective and easy to operate


Full flexibility and easy administration


Our Virtual Private Servers are an ideal solution for users who want to combine the power of a dedicated server with the affordability and simplicity of a cloud web hosting account. A VPS hosting solution allows for a physical machine to be split into multiple servers that operate absolutely independently from each other. This way, you will get a fully featured server solution, complete with amazing hardware components, at just a fraction of the price of a dedicated server.


All Virtual Private Servers offered by Tremhost are equipped with fast SSD drives. Among the advantages of using SSD storage are the lowered I/O wait times, the reduced CPU usage, the improved file access times and the amazing read/write speeds. All that factors into a much better online performance for your sites and applications than if they were hosted on HDDs, either partly or completely.


Scalability is a key factor for growing websites. On a VPS, you can quickly scale up your on-hand resources whenever you need to. You can easily migrate to a resource allocation that meets your website requirements without facing any downtime issues.

OS Choices

With both VPS package types you can select an Operating System at signup. We'll install it for you at no charge with the server setup.

Control Panel Options

We offer a choice of Control Panel interfaces with your VPS - cPanel, DirectAdmin or Hepsia for the OpenVZ plans, and cPanel - for the new KVM servers.

SSH/Full Root Access

Your VPS comes with SSH access by default. Also, if you use cPanel or DirectAdmin, you will get full root access to the server as well.

SSD Storage

Our VPS machines offer SSD storage, which will ensure top data processing speeds for all your sites and applications and hence - a much faster online perfomance.

Free Site Migration

We can move your sites and projects over to our OpenVZ servers for free. Just contact our tech support department and they will do the rest for you.

1-hour Activation

Your virtual server will be setup by an experienced administrator within 1 hour of signup at the latest with the OS and Control Panel preferences you have in mind.

24/7 Tech Support

We'll be online for 24/7/365 to help you with all installations we've taken care of and respond to your questions regarding our VPS services.

Advanced Security

Always reliable, always secure: From redundant storage networks, backup solutions and firewall rules, to access and data transfer — everything is designed for maximum security.

Firewall management

The external firewall automatically protects you from attacks. Individual firewall rules can be set centrally by Tremhost cloud panel.