Tremhost offers cloud web hosting solutions that provide individuals, businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations with a flexible, highly scalable, and low-cost way to deliver their websites, emails and web applications.

The Tremhost Story

Let's travel back to 2011, when it all started with a computer obsessed teen

I always wanted to be a doctor, even my family had a medical career background; but that all vanished when I walked into the computer lab and felt at home. Everyone else was on the internet except me, because this was the first time hearing about the internet. When I finally figured how to open a browser, I just stared at it- I couldn't believe you can search anything, chat with someone and watch movies.. simultaneously! Writing was my hobby and I wanted to also put my content 'online' to this 'internet thing where I can reach thousands... millions or billions of people! The potential gave me chills. There was a problem though: we only had 2 hours of computer lessons per week and I didn't have a computer at home.But I could always use the comp lab in the afternoon right? No. I had compulsory sport and clubs from Monday to Thursday.

Fortunately, I got a personal laptop later that year (and figured you could get paid on the internet by designing websites, software or offering a service.), discovered the deep web, dark web and hacker groups- and all sorts of things that keeps a teenager awake. Most importantly, I discovered you can create value and help people through innovative products and services. More than 7 years later, the journey continues...

- Tremhost Founder

My Annomity Adds to the thrill of the story ( I am a writer, remember)

We Learn

We do not rest on our larels, we learn to stay relevant.

We Change

If any method or way we do things is flawed, we change.

We Grow

We want to get better, even by 1% per day/week/month.

We Innovate

Releasing new and original things is what we strive to do.

We Dominate

Tremhost cannot be out-worked, no one does a job better than us.

We Add Value

Users should get more than what they pay for,even over time.

Why rely on Tremhost?

"Do not let your competitors find us first, if they do
you will be out of business."

Here is why our users love us!

Powerful products

From simple domains to best-in-class cloud infrastructure, you'll find powerful products tailored to your needs.

24/7/365 support

Local support teams are always there to offer help and advice by live chat, email, support tickets or whatsapp.

Flexible Plans

Get flexibility with monthly or, semi-annual & annual terms. Up/downgrade packages at any time as you see fit.


Our data centers in the US and India deliver data security, the best performance, and georedundancy for you.

No Hidden Fees

All offer information and prices are provided and displayed on the screen before you order.


We treat our users like family. We get fulfilment when we see you unloack your potential.

Our Partners

Some of our partners include...

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Local Payment Methods

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