About Us

Welcome on Tremhost... We do exciting things!

We are software and web services company in Harare, Zimbabwe and our target market is the Zimbabwean market. We still work with different people and companies all around the world, providing up-to-standard web hosting, email hosting, ssl certificates, domain registration, reseller web hosting, windows licenses, microsoft apps, adobe apps and various consultancy services.

leading web hosting provider

Tremhost is a leading web hosting provider registered in Zimbabwe. We offer cloud web hosting solutions that provide individuals, businesses, non-profits, and governmental organizations with a flexible, highly scalable, and low-cost way to deliver their websites, emails and web applications. Our web hosting sits on Cpanel- the industry standard, this also applies to email hosting.

build your successful online presence

Our web hosting sits on Cpanel- the industry standard, this also applies to email hosting. With our web hosting plans, you have the possibility to build your successful online presence quickly, easily and above all - cheaply. Each service we offer- servers, reseller hosting, web hosting, email hosting and web design can be easily upgraded to another package when you need more or less.

24/7 Support

The quality of all the services offered by Tremhost is guaranteed by our tomorrow's cluster technology, ultra fast and reliable servers, state-of-the-art data center, and dedicated 24x7 technical web hosting support.

We love working with students, entrepreneurs, companies, businesses, institutions, governments and people in general. We have had a fair share of experience working with various organisations and entities- changing their business. We have worked with individuals- changing their lives. We really want to touch lives in a way that is inspiring, motivating and captivating.