Find & Buy A Domain Name:

With the growing popularity of the internet, it is important to have your own web address- a domain name. A domain name is essentially a place where people can find you on the internet. Here are a few examples of domain names-,, You decide which domain name you would like from all domain extensions. We do domain registration for top level domains as well as our signature zw domain name- being registered from five dollars per year. Yes, just $5 per year can get you a zw domain name. All you have to do is choose a domain that is easy to remember, choose a domain extension e.g .com or and you will have a perfect domain name and online presence. $5 | .com $19.99 | .net $19.99 | .org $19.99 | $15 | .co $23 | .store $30 | .online $14 | .info $15 | .club $9 | .life $9 | .biz $15 | .me $15 | .ngo $33...

Build your brand

Build your brand with Tremhost by getting a memorable domain name that sets you apart from the crowd. If you already have a company that people know then you may choose domain name. You can register a domain for only five dollars and enjoy recognition country wide. Tremhost is undoubly the cheapest domain registrar in Zimbabwe and in the world with the sole purpose of having every business in Zimbabwe owning a zw domain name and any individual owning a personal blog or Websites for hobbies or professional recognition.

Having your own domain name opens doors to have a website, custom emails and ultimately brings you more customers. More and more people are searching for goods and services online and having an online presence with a memorable domain opens a limitless possibility of engaging with more and more people.

Using Tremhost, you can do everything from buying (registering) your domain name to transferring your domain name, to web hosting to renewing your domain name. Our domain name system is best for choosing the best domain name for you- the perfect domain name.