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Our NVME Storage Servers are really SUPER FAST!

Few tech companies truly care about the user. Fewer web hosting companies care at all. As for us, we do not pretend to be a different web hosting company in Zimbabwe- we are actually different. From domain registration to web hosting and email hosting to designing websites and signing SSL Certificates to reseller Cpanel web hosting with nvme storage to servers (vps server or dedicated servers) and other services- we remain centered on the user.

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We are the best cloud web hosting company in Zimbabwe

Tremhost is consistantly rated best cloud web hosting provider in Zimbabwe

The quality of all the services offered by Tremhost is guaranteed by our tomorrow's cluster technology, ultra fast and reliable servers, state-of-the-art data center, and dedicated 24x7 technical web hosting support.

Some of Our Solution Focused Services

From social media to google ads and youtube ads and blog posts. Order
Get a boost on local seo, ranking and visibility on the web. Order
We offer whitelabled support to your users via your website. Order
Installation, customisation, setup, performance & backup. Order
Get help on shopify, wix, woocommerce, opencart, prestashop. Order
Get assistance for any server side or client side issue. Order

Having a website is easy with Tremhost. Whats needed?

  • Domain Name
  • Web Hosting
  • Web Design

Register a domain name

A domain name is your online address where people find you like You need to choose a domain name that is memorable, that sticks and associated with your company or business or the product and service you offer. Domains are just $6.99 per year.

Get Web Hosting

Web Hosting is where you will store your website and also create your emails. Tremhost offers web hosting with state-of-the-art infrastructure you can rely on. Individuals, institutions and organisations all around the world trust Tremhost.

Web Design & Management

We design a website for you and do regular backups, checks and edits you may need especially if its a CMS (wordpress, shopify, e.t.c). This means that you dont have to do anything yourself unless you want to.

According to The Biggest Web Hosting Directory, Tremhost is the leading and best web hosting company in Zimbabwe.

You can get web hosting (access to cpanel) instantly after you make an order. With Tremhost, you dont even have to wait.

Yes. You can get 24/7 customer support from live chat, whatsapp and support tickets. domains are not registered instantly due to the verification process but you should be able to use the domain name within 5hours.

Web hosting is from $25 per year while domain name is $6.99 per year.

Expert Services for non Tremhost users

Wether you are stuck with a broken website, slow web hosting or email related issues; we resolve them all. We fix dns, configure email settings,zoho or outlook. Our e-commerce management consist of shopify, wix, woocommerce, opencart and prestashop. We also fix website issues, wordpress speed optimisation, customisations, bug fixes, installation & setup, performance & seo, backup & cloning,theme/plugin installation and security. We can fix issues related to your website, server, emails and other web related services.