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How to have a website.

Register a domain name

A domain name is your online address where people find you like You need to choose a domain name that is memorable, that sticks and associated with your company or business or the product and service you offer.

Get Web Hosting

Web Hosting is where you will store your website and also create your emails. Tremhost offers web hosting with state-of-the-art infrastructure you can rely on. Individuals, institutions and organisations all around the world trust Tremhost.

Design your Website

Your website will be designed and uploaded to your web hosting domain. Wether you let Tremhost do your website or hire a web designer, make sure it is something you are proud of to represent you online day and night.

Market Your Website

For your website to be useful- people have to find it so market it! Tell people about it! People search on the web for products and services so optimise your website on search engines so that people find you at the top.

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Get SSL Certificates...

Which type of SSL is best for you? We assume you don't have all day to try and figure that out so we narrowed it down.

Domain Validated

Domain Validated (DV) certificates are a fast and simple way to secure your website with industry-standard up to 256-bit encryption. The process of obtaining one of these SSL certificates couldn't be easier and is usually handled with just a standard email. A file-based authentication method can also be used and is recommended if you have direct access to the server that hosts your domain name. In order to receive a DV certificate from one of our trusted Certification Authorities (CAs), all you have to do is prove that you own the domain that you wish to protect. Since no extensive validation process is required, DV certificates are the most affordable type of SSL on the planet.

Organisation Validated

Organization Validated certificates, or OV certificates, are a type of SSL technology that offers up to 256-bit encryption to websites of businesses and other registered organizations. The difference between OV certificates and domain validated (DV) certificates is that a little extra vetting is required to confirm that you not only own your domain but that your organization is also legit. But don't fret! So long as your business is registered, the validation process isn't a problem. In most cases, it only takes a couple of days and you'll be all set.

Extended Validation

Extended Validation SSL certificates are the gold standard. They encrypt your website, and also have a variety of extra premium features that have proven to boost trust & clearly demonstrate that you are, in fact, someone safe to do business with. They enable the green address bar! Granted, the only thing green about the EV address bar nowadays is the font. But the name just kind of stuck. Not just anyone can obtain an EV SSL certificate, which activates this globally trusted & recognized green bar. Before issuing your EV SSL certificate, your Certificate Authority (CA) has to first complete a thorough validation process to verify & ensure that you're actually a legitimate business.

SAN Muilti-Domain

Multi-Domain and Unified Communications Certificates (UCC) protect all sorts of different fully qualified domain names (FQDNs): public ID addresses, private host names, IP addresses and other subject alternative names (SANs) with one simple solution. Rather than buying an individual SSL certificate for each and every domain you control, this SSL is a cost-effective alternative that simplifies the validation process, saves you money, and offers the encryption you require.

Wildcard Certificates

If you have a website that has multiple sub domains, you're going to love wildcard SSL certificates. Rather than having to purchase an SSL certificate for each and every sub domain, you can actually protect them all with just one wildcard SSL certificate. This can lead to some major savings and make managing your SSL portfolio a breeze.

Multi-Domain Wildcard

There's nothing a Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate can't secure. For any company or organization with a complicated public-facing web infrastructure, a Multi-Domain Wildcard is the perfect security solution. Depending on CA, you can secure up to 25, 100 or 250 different domains or IPs and all accompanying sub-domains. Nothing saves you more time, money and effort than securing your entire web presence with a single SSL certificate.

Code Signing

Code signing certificates are a useful tool that can be used to protect your code, content, and other files when transmitted online. Understandably, people are leery of downloading any applications that they can't trust onto their computers, which is why code signing certificates are so valuable. By signing your file extension with this encryption technology, a third party Certification Authority (CA) will confirm you as the author of the file and the certificate will automatically alert the user if any changes are made to the code. That way you don't have to worry that someone has altered your work without your knowledge.

Email Signing

Today more than ever, people rely on the Internet to send and receive personal information. Mortgages are signed. Bank accounts are opened. Applications for employment with social security numbers are submitted. The list goes on and on. And the only way that this is accepted is because of truly advanced encryption technology like you find in email and document signing certificates. With this tool at your disposal, you can send and receive sensitive information without worrying about the true identity of the sender or the data being compromised.

Anti-Malware Scanning

We all know how annoying, not to mention hazardous a hacked website can be. And since malware is designed to make very small changes to your code, an infection to a website can be difficult to detect for even the most tech-savvy individuals. Make your life easier and protect your business by implementing website scanners to detect vulnerabilities and malware...and show you how to quickly fix any issues that happen.

Make Your Business Solid

With These Services.

Email Hosting

Don't need full web hosting? Just get hosting with emails only & use your domain name to create @yourdomain emails which you can access anywhere.

Search Engine Optimisation

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Point Of Safe

We have a pre-made point of sale system you will definitely like. It has comprehensive analytic tools you can use to analyse the flow of your business.

Reach a wider targetted audience

We can use social media to boost your brand and traffic to your website. We do not just drive people to your website, whatsapp, email or office but we make sure your audience is engaged.

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Tremhost made me go forward in the digital world. Now we can market our products easier with our website that is always online. Now people come to our shops straight from the website. The website works for me 24/7.


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Tremhost has been the best thing to ever happen in my life. Through their efficient services I managed to get my website up & running without any hiccups. Switch to Tremhost today and get value for your money.

I have a wonderful website made by Tremhost. I use the annual web design bundles that come with hosting and emails to for my business. It truly reflects my vision and level of quality that I associate my business.


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