Imagine the amount of stress that you go through every month when they send you that little message with gigantic content announcing that ” we have revised our tariffs please visit our website…” God, the pain that sinks in knowing that we are so broke but we can’t stay away from the internet or whatsapp so we just have to purchase them anyway. I can’t possibly heal the pain because I’m in the same predicament but I can offer a little help by giving you a wider range to choose from this month of October. I’ll give you my expert recommendation on which service provider to use and hopefully you wont have to sacrifice too much money to stay online this time around.

service provider

bundle package

cost per month
cost per GB/MB
220 MB
600 MB
960 MB
1760 MB
3600 MB
4500 MB
$0.66/ MB
$0.62/ MB
$0.56/ MB
$0.49/ MB
$0.39/ MB
$0.34/ MB
100 MB
270 MB
500 MB
700 MB
1400 MB
$0.67/ MB
$0.67/ MB
$0.64/ MB
$0.61/ MB
$0.57/ MB
200 MB
450 MB
1500 MB
3500 MB
5000 MB
8000 MB

That above is a list of each package that the three service providers (Telecel, Econet and Netone) have in store for us this October. You can agree with me that compared to last month, Telecel has scaled up their prices a bit but unfortunately their network is becoming a bit slow since the beginning of the month. Netone and Econet are still maintaining their prices from last month and between them, Netone is becoming a bit faster than Econet since the month began.

Although Telecel has scaled up prices slightly, they seem to be failing to keep a steady network system and recently their connections have become a course for concern. Econet as well seems to be shaky connectivity wise and at best i would go for Netone as they have tried to maintain a stable connectivity over the last month, so hopefully they won’t fail us this time around.

Overally, for cheap services thisĀ  October, my recommendation still remains the same as last month, choose Telecel, but if you can spare that extra dollar for faster browsing then definitely go for Netone.


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