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What can you do with Tremhost?

Let's see a few things

Create a blog

Tremhost has 25+ blogging software nailed in the control panel, make advantage of these features and cut out costs of hiring a designer.

Start your own webhost

With our reseller program, you can start your own web hosting company. You can fully brand your services and no one will know that you resell.


We have 300+ software scripts you can install to boost your online presence even when you cannot code. You'll just float online!

We make you amazing websites

Bootstrap 3 Based

Most of our websites are developed in Bootstrap 3

Fully Responsive

You honestly do not need to pinch and zoom, our designs are responsive.


Fully making use of the most powerful combination of web designing.


Our websites are a pleasure to read, pleasantly crafted font!

Amazing Animations

Things that bounce around leave some expression, we do that!

Clean & Simple

We love it clean, we like it simple, we like it friendly.

Email Management

Send @yourdomainname emails | Track delivery | Forward to another email
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Secure your website

Secure your website from hacking, spam and viruses
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Click n Install

Click, install and use platforms. No coding skills required
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Start your own hosting company

Start your own hosting company and start earning!
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