IT Services &Solutions

Tremhost is a think tank for hire and we solve ANY IT problem. Imagine if you had IT experts at your service, gurus you can outsource any problem to that is not your core competency; that is what we do, we provide you with solutions every step of the way. Even if the problem is not well defined or you are not sure if it is cost feasible, we can help you get answers without having to do the homework yourself. Our engagement model is risk-free as there is no fixed bid commitment, no lock-in long term contract, no penalty for cancelling, in fact, if you do cancel you even get your money refunded for any hours you have not used.

Best Tech Practises

For over 10 years now we have provided expertise on demand as a service from a network of World Class Experts to solve problems big and small. We use the discipline and best practices from science and tech and apply them to life problems.

Get $30/hr consultancy

Every challenge is thoughtfully project managed to conclusion. We have earned the trust of our clients who retain us for years as their strategic partner and trusted adviser to augment their tech and service. You can call it a rent-a-brain personal service.

Get Consulted First


about our IT service and solutions

Why am I paying Consultancy fee?

We need to consult you and know what you are trying to achieve. We have to listen to you, ask you a few Questions before we can sit down as Tremhost team and formulate a solution for you.

What if I dont know what I want?

We just ask you a few questions and try to pick your brain. Listening while you speak also helps us figure out what you want and know a few things that can help us recommend a solution.

Are you limited to IT?

No. Although we are at expert level in tech, we have an above average team in science, marketing, analytics and any problem is well researched to understand the depth of the problem and suggest a solution.